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Overview of the Oregon Court System

The Oregon judicial system includes four courts: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, circuit courts, and a tax court. The circuit courts are Oregon’s trial courts, with jurisdiction over a broad range of cases including civil, criminal, probate, traffic, and domestic relations matters. The decisions that are reached in the circuit courts may be appealed to the Court of Appeals, which also handles appeals involving state administrative agency actions. 

The tax court is a specialized trial court that had jurisdiction over cases involving state tax laws.

The Supreme Court, the state’s top court, hears appeals from the Court of Appeals and the tax court. It also reviews cases of unusual legal significance. 

In addition to these courts, Oregon has municipal courts and county courts, but their jurisdiction is outside the state court system.

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Programs to Help you Find the Right Lawyer

Lawyer Referral Service

The Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service (“LRS”) has a variety of programs to assist the public in finding the right lawyer. The LRS does not employ lawyers, answer legal questions, or give legal advice. LRS maintains lists of lawyers according to areas of law and geographic area and makes referrals on a rotating basis among lawyers on the list. LRS does not direct, oversee or warrant the legal advice or representation provided by lawyers who accept referrals. We can, however, find an attorney based on your geographic area, area of law, language, and other specific needs you may have. LRS lawyers are in good standing with the bar, have no current disciplinary proceedings pending, carry malpractice insurance, and agree to abide by our customer service standards.

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Our clients’ satisfaction with regard to legal fees is a very important element of our practice. We are pleased to discuss our fee structure in detail before beginning any work, including providing an estimated range for the considered services.

Terms of the engagement can be established at the commencement of our representation. As is the case in most business law practices, fees are generally determined by hourly rates. Statements are sent monthly for fees and expenses incurred for the preceding period.